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Technical Data

CE Marketing

With effect from 1st July 2013, all products sold within the EEC must have with the benefit of a CE Mark. Sales within Home Markets have previously been exempt. CE Marketing involves those issues set out below.

Products tested and approved to EN 1856-1 or EN-1856-2, where applicable. Manufacture of products to an Approved Quality standard – ISO BSEN 9001:2009; the use of a manufacturing system that give traceability in production and the labelling of products as meeting the above criteria.

Midtec have always had products tested and approved to the above standard and worked within the quality assurance program above. We have recently installed a software driven manufacturing system, which is in full operation. All products manufactured by Midtec will therefore be CE marked from 1st July 2013 Certificates of compliance are available from Midtec on request.

Technical Data & Definitions

The Midtec products below have been tested and approved by BSRIA to BSEN 1856-1 and BSEN 1443: -

Product Range Date Report Number Midtec Product Pages
Midtec Bonnet Cowl Range December 2005 19326/1 Page 6, 7 & 9
Midtec 7-10" Terminals December 2005 19326/2 Page 24
Midtec Rotocowl Terminal December 2005 19326/3 Universal Roto Cowl – Page 11
Midtec 4-6" Gas Terminals December 2005 19326/4 Page 24
Midtec 4-9" Vedettes December 2005 19327/5 Page 12
Midtec Super-H Cowls December 2005 19327/6 Page 12
Midtec MFe Bonnet Cowl range December 2005 19327/7 Page 8
Midtec Chimterms September 2006 40054/1 Page 16 & 17
Midtec MFe Chimterms August 2007 50953/1 Page 16 & 17
Midtec MAXI Cowl September 2007 51314/1 Page 14, 16 & 17
Midtec Eco-Cowl June 2009 53201/1 Page 5

Minimum material qualities are as set out below +- .05mm allowed by the standard: -
Aluminium - Minimum 1.0mm 1/4 hardness
Stainless Steel   0.7mm BSEN Standard Quality

Unregistered design rights
Some products listed or displayed in this price list are protected by unregistered design rights belonging to Midtec Products Limited.

Ten Technical Information

Product CE Mark Standard
TEN LISS CE-2270-CPD-040 EN-1856-2-T450-NI-W-Vm-L50010-G
SUPER TEN LISS CE-2270-CPD-040 EN-1856-2-T450-NI-W-Vm-L70010-G
SUPER TEN LISS HP CE-2270-CPD-040 EN-1856-2-T450-NI-W-Vm-L70010-G
ENAMEL PIPES CE2270-CPD-048 EN1856-2-T450-N1-W-V2-L80050-G(*)NM
EN1856-2-T250-N1-W-V2-L80050-O(50) M
DUOTEN   EN1856-1-T200-P1-W-Vm-L50040-O(20)
BIOTEN CE-2270-CPD-053
ENAMEL FOR PELLETS CE2270-CPD-047 EN1856-2-T450-N1-W-V2-L80050-G(375)NM with fibre gasket
EN1856-2-T250-N1-W-V2-L80050-O(50) M with gasket
DUOTEN FOR PELLETS CE2270-CPD-042 EN1856-1-T200-P1-W-Vm-L50040-O(20) with gasket